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Celebrating 150 Years
(Est. 1869)

A few things have changed since our company’s founding in 1869. The way we do business has not. Our commitment and skill bring confidence to every client we work with and every project we touch. Our comprehensive experience allows us to pursue opportunities others can’t.

There are many firms which offer various services for businesses and nonprofits, so the problem here is not in the lack of offers. The problem is “How to make the right choice on setting up and managing your company.” We have successfully run our company for 150 years and we can help you to do the same.

We take care of majority of routine tasks, allowing organizations to concentrate on their mission and growth.

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A lasting nonprofit relies on expert management to help build a strong foundation. We’re here to manage all of your future compliance, annual filings, tax returns, bookkeeping and internet service needs so you can stay committed to the front-end of your organization.

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Creating a nonprofit can be equal parts excitement and fluster when you’re not sure where to start. We are experts in the field, and know exactly what it takes to get the ball rolling. Start your nonprofit corporation. Answer a few questions. We’ll take care of the rest.

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5-Year-Old Nonprofit

Febela Inc is an established 5-year-old nonprofit corporation that comes with all corporate records. If you don’t have time to wait up to 6 months to complete the entire process for a new nonprofit corporation, acquire Febela nonprofit organization today!

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Want to learn how to manage your finances more efficiently using QuickBooks? We give businesses and nonprofits the tools they need to track their budgets, monitor their expenses, and get their finances in order. We’re here to solve all of your financial tasks!

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