When you acquire an established corporation or form a new corporation, this corporation may be eligible to receive Federal 501(c)3 and California state tax-exempt status if it was created for charitable, religious, or educational purposes.  

    Advantages that tax-exempt nonprofit receive:

  • Tax-free federal and state income
  • Exemption from the minimum $800 annual tax issued by the California Franchise Tax Board
  • The ability to obtain private and public grant money
  • Tax deductions for donors who make contributions to the organization

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There are many firms which offer various services for starting businesses or nonprofits, so the problem here is not in the lack of offers. The problem is "How to make the right choice on setting up and maintaining your corporate records?" 24 HOUR GROUP was created to solve all those tasks.

24 HOUR GROUP empowers nonprofits to accelerate impact in the world. The missions of hundreds of nonprofits, public benefit organizations, ministries and education institutions, combined with our resources, drive scalable positive change in the world. Therefore; we take care of majority of routine business tasks, allowing nonprofits to concentrate on their mission and growth.

Eligible individuals can even acquire an established business or nonprofit corporation to help expand our collective impact.

24 HOUR GROUP wishes you the greatest success in carrying out the mission of your nonprofit!

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